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Not all records in the Douglas County Surveyor's Office are available on the Internet. Only an examination of documents in this office can assure a more complete review.
NOTE: If you are a frequent user of this website PLEASE refresh your browser often to insure the most recent images.

To begin viewing maps, aerials and other files click on the file cabinet  filemgup.gif (964 bytes)

If you are new to our site take a moment to read through the basic research instructions and make a print of the detailed file index for future reference. 

File Format information

Assessor information
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For MrSID  viewing products visit the LizardTech website.

You will need to know the township, range, and section of the particular area of interest.

 Index of communities by  township, range and section

Township and Range map of Douglas County

  a. Select the "AERIALS" subdirectory then the format (.jpg or .sid) then the appropriate township and range. For example: to view T27S, R6W, select the "2706w" subdirectory.

For Metadata on aerials  Click Here

  b. Next select the section of interest. To view section 5, select "2706W05.jpg" or "2706W05.sid" NOTE: MrSid Aerials have an approximate 30 min. download time at 26,400 baud and you will be required to download before viewing. After downloading the file you may view the aerial from within the browser window with the MrSID online viewer or you may choose to download the stand alone version.  

Click HereTo Begin viewing aerials


  a. Select the "AMAPINDX" subdirectory. Surveys are indexed by color coding on the assessor map. These images provide a visual index for selecting records to view or print.

  b. Next select the appropriate township and range. For example: to view   T27S, R6W, select "2706w".

c. Next select the section or 1/4 section. To view the NE1/4 of the NE1/4 of Section 13, select "13AA.jpg".

Section Guide for "AMAPINDX"

















At this point you are viewing the assessor survey index map. Surveys are outlined in color including file name.

For a detailed file index click here

To view a particular map:

a. Note the map file name from the assessor survey index map.

b. Return to the main directory and select the appropriate file type. For example to view subdivision Vol. 20 Page 19 select the directory "sub"  then the file name "V20P19.tif".

d. To change file types, return to main directory and proceed as outlined above.


  a. Select the "ASSESSOR" subdirectory. This directory contains assessor maps without the surveys overlayed in color. Follow the instructions for  surveys part b. and c.

If you have problems locating a record, find omissions or discrepancies, or need help please call the Douglas County Surveyors Office at (541)440-4272 or e-mail Jean Crawford at jhcrawfo@co.douglas.or.us.


The maps and information provided here are for convenience ONLY.  The records located at the Douglas County Surveyor's Office are the one and only legal instruments for recording purposes.  Although reasonable attempts are made to maintain this map database as accurate as possible, these maps are being provided as an informational convenience ONLY.  Douglas County in no way will be liable for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, or other deviations in these maps from the original copies maintained and filed at the Douglas County Surveyor's Office, Roseburg, Oregon.