November 2014 ~ 2014 Annual Property Tax Notice

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March 2014 ~ News-Review - Veteran's Exemption

77,673 taxable accounts were printed and mailed from Salem this month. This year's tax statements include an informative insert to assist property owners with a better understanding of the taxation and assessment process. The real estate market is beginning to show signs of improvement in some areas; the overall total Real Market Values (RMV) increased by 1%.
Total taxes imposed were $95,031,034 or an increase of 2.6%.

The taxes will be distributed to 110 active taxing districts which with shared boundaries create 214 different code areas. Douglas County will receive $9,102,004 up 2.6%; compression loss to the county is $50,994 which is an increase of only $6,015 from last year.

The average tax rate is $10.16, a 2 cent increase from last year. The lowest is $6.790 for portions of rural Roseburg and
former Umpqua School districts; and the City of Reedsport is the highest at $18.720 for codes 10501 and 10511.

The impact of Measure 50 passed by citizens of Oregon in 1997 is illustrated by two studies ran each year:

A review of 52,734 unchanged properties county wide indicate that 13% of them received an increased tax bill greater than $100.

For the first time in several years, the annual review of 16 residential properties scattered throughout the county indicated an increase in the RMV of 1.86%; the tax increase is 2.78% which is below the 3% allowed by Oregon Property Tax Measure 50.

These examples illustrate the stability of property taxes; a benefit to property owners but a limiting factor for the taxing districts which countywide will receive an increase in revenue from property taxes of 2.6% this year.

History of values, taxes and code area rates can be reviewed in our annual Tax Summary Report. The report is available in full at our website at: Tax Rate & Valuation Summary Books

Tax payments are due by November 15th, full payments will receive a 3% discount, and installment options allow payments on Feb 17th and May 15th. Reedsport area residents can make payments at the Reedsport Umpqua Bank. Drop boxes are located in front of courthouse and in the hallway outside the Tax Office.

The Tax Office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; taxpayers may experience long lines close to November 15th. Payment by credit cards (Visa or MasterCard), eCheck or debit card is available online only. Please visit the county website at: Pay taxes online for credit/debit payments directions; a transaction fee is charged. Additional questions regarding values and/or an explanation of Oregon's Property Tax System and Measure 50 are to be directed to the Assessors Office at 541-440-4222 #1; or visit our website at Douglas County Assessor's Office

Keep in mind, property is valued as of January 1, 2013 when discussing the condition of the property. If a property owner feels their Real Market Value is less than what is shown on their tax statement, and have supportive evidence, contact our office for an informal owner value review.

The deadline for the informal owner value review process is December 1st. After this date, evidence may still be submitted; staff will determined if the review can be processed timely and notify property owner accordingly. If after talking to the Assessor's Office staff a property owner wants to appeal the value, a Board of Property Tax Appeal (BoPTA) petition must be filed with the County Clerk. On the petition indicate requested land, improvement, and manufactured home values (as applicable); a reason for the incorrect value; and submit supportive evidence to the County Clerk's Office (541-440-6267) by December 31st. The County Clerk will schedule BoPTA hearings in February. Industrial Property Return accounts must file an appeal with Magistrate Division of the Oregon Tax Court by December 31st.

Douglas County Assessor's Office
Courthouse Room 206
Roseburg, Oregon  97470