Douglas County Personnel Rules

Douglas County Personnel Rule #16


16.1                      Douglas County, as an employer, is primarily concerned with an individual's job performance.  However, the County recognizes that job performance can be affected by circumstances inside and outside the work environment.  In order to serve all the needs of our employees and the citizens of the County, we hope, through our Employee Assistance Program, to acquaint employees with appropriate community agencies to help them overcome their problems and restore them to full job efficiency.

16.2                      When an employee or a household member “self-refer” themselves to E.A.S., their contact is absolutely private and confidential unless the counselor determines that release is required by law.  Under these circumstances, the release will be only to the party(s) required by law.

If the county, in response to a job performance issue, refers an employee to E.A.S., information and communication may be required between the E.A.S. counselor and appropriate county representative(s). Under these circumstances, with approval of the county Human Resources Director or designee, the employee may be required to sign a release of information form authorizing the employee’s treatment provider to release information to the County Human Resources Director or designee and the Department Head if deemed necessary by the Human Resources Director or designee.  Information will only be released to those with a need to know and will otherwise be held in strict confidence.  No employee shall, solely by admitting that a problem exists, endanger his or her job.  Such admission and the steps taken to correct job performance issues shall be viewed as evidence that the employee is committed to improving their performance and is interested in continued employment with the county.  However, participation in the E.A.S. program will not excuse continued or future performance problems including a violation of a last chance agreement as outlined in Rule 23.1.15.

16.3                      This program is designed to:

(a)          Allow employees or household members to receive early intervention services at the early stage of a problem.  This assures that issues are prevented from developing later into more serious concerns, and

(b)          Assist employees or household members in identifying personal problems and creating related action plans, and

(c)          Motivate the employee or household members to accept referral to any necessary Long Term and or Specialized Services, and

(d)          Resolve problems before they create a negative impact on job performance or result in disciplinary actions.