Douglas County Personnel Rules

Douglas County Personnel Rule #14


14.1        General Training Activities.  The Board shall encourage and promote training opportunities for employees and supervisors to the end that services they render to the County may be made more effective.  The Board shall assist Department Heads in meeting training needs of their agencies and in cooperation with appointing powers shall encourage the development of departmental training programs designed to meet personnel needs.

14.2        Orientation of New Employees.  The Human Resources Department will conduct monthly orientation sessions for all County employees hired during the preceding month.  A general overview of the employee's rights and responsibilities will be provided.

Department Heads will conduct department orientation sessions as required to inform new employees of their specific responsibilities, including departmental policies and procedures.

14.3        Time of Training Periods. Training programs may be conducted either during or after regular working hours or both.  Every effort should be made to conduct training in a manner which does not accrue overtime liability.

14.4        Reimbursement for Educational Expenses.  It is the policy of the Board to strengthen the County workforce by allowing department heads the opportunity to offer to their employees employment related seminars, college courses, classes and other educational programs.  Such programs may include, but are not limited to, refresher courses and vocational courses.  Douglas County employees may be paid by the County for reasonable educational expenses including meals, lodging and travel expenses subject to the following conditions:

14.4.1                   The expenditures must be for education which maintains or improves skills required by the individual to maintain current required job skills or to realistically obtainable promotion opportunity.

14.4.2                  Employees must submit a written request for payment to their Department Head prior to incurring the expenses.  If the expenses include payment for travel, lodging or meals, the request should specifically include those items.  Travel out of state is subject to prior Board approval.

14.4.3                   Actual payment of approved programs will be withheld until successful completion of the program upon the recommendation of the Department Head.  Any text books necessary for the completion of the program which are paid by the County shall be County property.

14.4.4                   The Department Head may require the employee requesting payment to agree to repay any sums paid by the County for educational expenses if the employee does not continue his employment with the County for a certain period of time following completion of the educational program.  Such an agreement shall be in writing.  The amount of time to be included in the agreement shall be determined by the Department Head.