Douglas County Personnel Rules

Douglas County Personnel Rule #7


7.1     Application. This rule does not apply to employees who are (as defined in Personnel Rule 2, Definitions) at will part time, temporary, at will managerial employees, appointed department heads, employees subject to collective bargaining agreements, or employees of elected officials who have not adopted these rules.

7.2     Purpose. The probationary period provides the Department Head with the opportunity to observe the employee's work, to train and address the employee’s performance of the duties of the employee's position, and to dismiss any employee whose work performance fails to meet the required work standards.  Such dismissal is at the sole discretion of the Department Head, with consultation of the Human Resources Director, and shall not be grounds for redress under the provisions of Personnel Rule 11 (Grievance Procedure), Personnel Rule 12 (Disciplinary Actions), or any other recourse that might otherwise be available to a regular employee.

7.3     Duration.  Every person appointed or promoted to a full-time or pro-rated part-time position shall serve a probationary period.  Full-time employees must complete twelve full continuous months starting the first day of work, and ending on the last working day of the twelfth full month of continuous service.  Pro-rated part-time employees must complete an equivalent of 12 continuous months of service (for example, .5 FTE would serve a two-year probation).  At the discretion of the receiving department head, a non-probationary regular full-time or pro-rated part-time employee who transfers from one department to another department, where the duties performed in the new position are significantly different in scope and/or responsibility than those in the previous position, may be placed on probation for a period of up to 12 months.  With consultation of the Human Resources Director, the receiving department head may grant probationary credit of up to 6 months to the transferred employee.

7.4      Transfers.  An employee who is transferred to another position in the same classification, or a different classification at the same salary level, shall be allowed up to six months credit for probationary service in the prior position towards their probation on the subsequent position.  However, in no case shall the probationary period be less than six months in the subsequent position.

7.5      Evaluation of Performance.  An evaluation form will be completed prior to removing an employee from probation and placing them on regular status.

7.6      Extension of Probation.  If additional time is needed to properly evaluate the employee's performance prior to placing them on regular status, the probationary period may be extended for up to six additional months if reasons for the extension are delivered to the employee and the Human Resources Director in writing prior to the expiration of the probation.

7.7     Dismissal or Demotion.  During a probationary period, an employee may be dismissed or demoted to the classification held immediately prior to the placement in the new position for any reason.  However, dismissal or demotion of any probationary employee is at the sole discretion of the Department Head, after consultation with the Human Resources Director, and shall not be grounds for redress under provisions of Rule 11 (Grievance Procedure) or Rule 12 (Disciplinary Action).