Douglas County Personnel Rules

Douglas County Personnel Rule #6


The following procedure will be used in the recruitment for vacancies.

6.1          Transfer and Promotion.

6.1.1      Feasibility. The recruiting department should first determine the feasibility of filling the vacancy with a qualified County employee through transfer or promotion.

6.1.2      Departmental Promotion Files. Departments are en­couraged to establish and maintain files of employees eligible for and wishing to be considered for promotion within their department.

6.1.3     Human Resources Department Transfer File.  The Human Resources Department shall maintain a file of eligible County em­ployees wishing to be considered for interdepartmental transfer or promotion.  Part-time and full-time employees are eligible for promotion and transfer opportunities provided they were originally hired through a open and competitive recruitment conducted by the Human Resources Department.  The Human Resources Department may refer employees for current openings when it best meets the operational needs of the County.  However, employees, on their own volition, can apply for openings irrespective of whether they have requested to be on the transfer list.

6.2          Job Order.  If the recruiting department is unable to fill the vacancy through transfer or promotion or prefers not to use such methods, a job order is placed with the Human Resources Department.  The job order will include salary, hours, responsibilities and any unique aspects of the position.

6.2.1      Eligibility Register.  When it best meets the needs of the County and recruiting department(s) and when in compliance with generally accepted recruiting practices and procedures, openings can be filled from prior recruitments for positions in the same or similar classifications.

The use of eligibility registers to fill openings is at the discretion of the Department Head and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Generally, eligibility registers will be effective for up to one year.

6.3          Recruitment Announcements.

6.3.1      Filling a Vacant Position.  Department Heads have the obligation of obtaining the most qualified person available from the pool of applicants received.

6.3.2      Distribution of Announcements.  Public announcements of position openings shall be posted on designated bulletin boards for a minimum of five working days.  The Hum­an Resources Department shall provide for such other publicity as deemed appropriate to attract sufficient numbers of qualified applicants.

6.3.3      Content of Announcements.  Recruitment announcements of position openings shall state the general duties, essential functions and compensation of the position in the available classifications, the minimum qualifications required, the dates, place and manner of making application for the position required, EEOC information and other information which may be pertinent.

6.4          Applications

6.4.1      Filing of Applications.  All applications for employment shall be made upon official County application forms, properly completed and filed with the Human Resources Department.  Each application shall be signed by the applicant and such signature shall constitute a certification that all information contained therein is true to the best knowledge of the applicant.  An application form can be rejected if it is not completed in its entirety or is not signed.  The Human Resources Department is under no obligation to contact applicants who fail to complete or sign their application.  The Human Resources Director may conduct pre-employment investigations to verify the past employment record and to obtain other information relating to the qualifications of the applicant.

6.4.2      Life of Applications.  An application may be disposed of, if:    There have been no appointments made, or other reason to consider it within one year after the date the application was submitted; or    The applicant has failed to respond within ten working days to an inquiry relative to availability; or    At the request of the applicant.

6.5          Qualifications and Screening of Applicants.

6.5.1      Applicants. Applicants for appointment to positions shall possess the minimum qualifications and other requirements for the classification, notwithstanding the fact that positions can be underfilled where the Department Head feels it is appropriate.

6.5.2      Screening of Applicants.  At the close of recruitment, the Human Resources Director or designee will screen applicants using the most appropriate screening techniques to determine whether applicants possess the minimum knowledge, skill and other requirements listed in the classification description.

6.6          Evaluation of Applicants.

6.6.1      Screening and selection techniques approved by the Human Resources Director and used by the Department Head must be job related and may be written, oral, physical, in the form of a demonstration of skill, an evaluation of training and experience, or any combination of these.  They may take into consideration education, experience, aptitude, capacity, knowledge, character, physical fitness, length and quality of service, and other qualifications to determine the relative fitness of the applicants.

6.6.2      The Human Resources Director will assure that all techniques used to evaluate applicants are job-related and comply with various state, federal and county policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

6.7          Disqualification of Applicants.  The Human Resources Director or Department Head may reject the application of any person who:

6.7.1      Is found to lack the qualifications prescribed for admission as announced in the recruitment announcement;

6.7.2      Is physically unable to effectively perform essential functions of the classification and where reasonable accommodation cannot be made;

6.7.3      Is found to be unfit for County employment by reason of prior criminal convictions or an unacceptable prior employment history;

6.7.4      Is found to be unfit for County employment pursuant to the Douglas County Driving Policy;

6.7.5      Has used or attempted to use improper political influence or bribery to secure an advantage in appointment;

6.7.6      Has made false statements in the application or has omitted material information;

6.7.7      Has failed to complete and sign the application form;

6.7.8      Has practiced or attempted to practice deception or fraud in the application;

6.7.9      Has otherwise violated these Rules;

6.7.10    Has failed to comply with all requirements outlined on the job announcement.

6.8          Nepotism Prohibited. 

6.8.1      Nepotism is the exercise of preferential selection practices based upon family  relationship, or other relationship, rather than merit.

6.8.2      Family, for the purposes of this policy, consists of the employee's wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, stepparent or stepchild.

Other relationship, for purposes of this policy, includes others living in the same household, living with, or otherwise closely associated with.

6.8.3      Appointments, transfers, and promotions to positions with Douglas County shall be based on merit as determined by a comparison of job-related qualifications.  Discrimination in favor of candidates who are related to persons involved in, or having an effective influence upon, the selection of those candidates is prohibited.

6.8.4      No Department Head shall hire, promote, transfer or retain an individual if such action or retention:    Would constitute a violation of any law of this state or of the United States, or any rules promulgated pursuant thereto, with which the County and/or Department Head is required to comply;    Would constitute a violation of the conditions of eligibility for receipt by the County or Department Head of financial assistance from the government of this state or the United States;    Would place the individual in a position of exercising supervisory, appointment or grievance adjustment authority over a member of the individual's family (or an individual with whom the employee is otherwise closely identified) or in a position of being subject to such authority with a member of the individual's family (or with whom the employee is otherwise closely identified) exercises; or    Would cause the employer to disregard a bona fide occupational requirement reasonably necessary to the normal operation of the employer's business.

6.8.5      Nothing in this policy should be construed to prevent the employment of more than one member of a family in the same department provided that employment has been based upon merit principles, and a member of the employee's family (or with whom the employee is otherwise closely identified) does not influence selection by the Department Head and would not be placed in a position of supervising that prospective employee.

6.9          Notification of Applicants Who Have Been Interviewed.  Those applicants referred to a Department Head and who were interviewed but not appointed, shall be so notified by the Department Head or Human Resources Department after an appointment is made.

6.10        Appointments.

6.10.1    Kinds of Appointments.  Full time.  A position expected to last one year or longer and which is budgeted 40 hours per week. All full-time positions will be budgeted and scheduled to work 40 hours per week unless written approval has been given by the Board of Commissioners to regularly work fewer hours. Full-time positions regularly working less than 40 hours per week without Board approval will jeopardize their full-time status, related benefits, and may be reclassified to part-time.   Part time.   Those positions which are budgeted at less than .50 FTE and receive no benefits.

              Pro-Rated Part-time.   Those positions which are budgeted between .50 FTE and .9 FTE and receive pro-rated benefits.  Temporary.  A position working 40 hours per week or less and which is expected to last less than one year.  However, a position of expected duration of two years or less, (i.e. a person hired for a specific project of expected duration of two years or less) may be classified as temporary with prior Human Resources Director approval.  Emergency.  To aid in unexpected vacancies or short-term staffing needs, a Department Head may make an emergency appointment irrespective of normal recruitment procedures for up to a four-month period.  The Human Resources Director will approve all emergency appointments.  Emergency hires are not considered employees for purposes of promotional recruitments and are not eligible to apply except through a public open and competitive recruitment. 

6.10.2    Transfers  A Department Head may, within the department, assign an employee from one position to another position in the same classification without prior approval.  Unless an emergency exists, a Department Head must give an employee ten working days' notice of a transfer, if a transfer is being made without the consent of the employee.  Upon mutual agreement between two department heads, an employee can be transferred between departments once given a ten-day notice.  Likewise, at the request of an employee, with approval of both department heads, an employee can voluntarily transfer between departments.

6.11        Physical Examinations.

6.11.1     Regardless of having otherwise qualified for employment with Douglas County, each person, prior to actual employment, must be certified by a physician approved by the Human Resources Director, as physically fit to perform the duties of the position to which the appointment is contemplated.  To qualify for such certification, prospective employees may be required to undergo a physical examination, and other medical evaluation as deemed appropriate pursuant to the Employment Physical Policy and Rule 23 Drug and Alcohol Policy.  Additionally, prospective employees for sensitive positions, as the term is defined in Rule 23, will be required to submit to and pass a chemical detection screen.

6.12        Employment Decisions by the Board of Commissioners.

6.12.1    Application of Rules.  If the Board is the appointing power, the provisions of Rule 6 that authorize or require action by the Department Head shall be construed to mean the Board unless such construction clearly would be inappropriate.

6.12.2    Advisory Bodies.  The Board may appoint an advisory body to assist and advise the Board on employment of a department head or any other public officer or employee.

6.13        Driver Qualification Policy.

6.13.1    Prospective Employees.  A valid Oregon driver's license will be a condition of employment for employees whose job classification or work duties require, at any time, driving a motor vehicle for Douglas County.  A prospective employee from out of state must possess a valid out-of-state driver's license and obtain a valid Oregon driver's license within 30 days of obtaining employment with Douglas County.  The prospective employee will be required to submit at the time of the interview, at his/her own cost, a current driver's license and a current driving history from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles or from another state's licensing authority.  The current driving history of the prospective employee will be used to assess the risk the prospective employee presents as a person whose job classification or work duties require driving a motor vehicle (private or County-owned) for Douglas County.  Based on Douglas County Driver Policy, Standards for Operation of Vehicles, #5, the current driving history will be reviewed by the Human Resources Department and the affected Department Head prior to a job offer being made.  The current driving history will include the last five years.  Prospective employees found to have an unacceptable driving record (Standards #5) will not be considered for employment in a position which requires driving.