Douglas County Personnel Rules

Douglas County Personnel Rule #2


2.1      Definition of Terms. As used in these rules, unless the context clearly require otherwise:

Allocation:  The assignment of an individual position to an appropriate classification on the basis of the kind of work, and level of responsibility of the work actually performed in the position.

Appointment: All means of selection and employment of Douglas County employees.

At-Will: Employees who are exempt from due process and who serve solely at the pleasure of the appointing power.

Board:  The Board of County Commissioners.

Calendar Month:  Any calendar month in which an employee is on full pay status on all working days of the month.

Department Head:  Those persons who are elected to office or are appointed or employed by the Board, or otherwise, as the principal employee of a department for the discharge of duties provided by law or particular delegated functions; terminology often used synonymously with Appointing Power.

Employee Status:  Determined by the nature and classification of the position to which the employee is assigned:

Full Time:  Positions which are expected to function an average of 40 hours or more per week for a period longer than one year

On-Call:  Positions used as needed, normally for vacation relief, or during peak work periods or special projects, and do not have a set work schedule.

Part Time:  Positions are divided into two groups.

 Pro-Rated Part-time:  Those which are budgeted between .50 FTE and .99 FTE and receive pro-rated benefits.

At Will Part-time:  Those which are budgeted at less than .50 FTE and receive no benefits.

Probationary: Full time employees who have not completed 12 continuous months of service, full time employees who, as a result of promotion or reassignment, are serving a probationary period in a new position, and pro-rated part-time employees who have not completed an equivalent of 12 continuous months of service (for example, .5 FTE pro-rated part-time employees would serve a two-year probation).  Employees not classified as regular full-time or pro-rated part-time serve at the pleasure of the department head per Personnel Rule 7 (Probationary Period).

Temporary:   Positions which are normally seasonal and are not expected to last longer than one year.  Temporary positions can work the same number of hours as part-time or full-time employees.

Regular:  Full-time or pro-rated part-time employees who have successfully completed 12 continuous months of service or equivalent.

Unpaid Leave:  An employee who has exhausted all eligible paid leave is placed on unpaid leave status.

Exempt Employees:  Employees who are exempt from overtime accrual based on the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Oregon Bureau of Labor (BOLI), which include executive, administrative and professional employees as defined in the Act, applicable federal regulations and State law.

FTE:  Full-time positions are those budgeted at 2,080 hours per year.  Full-Time Equivalent is the ratio of total hours budgeted per position to 2,080 hours.  For example, an employee who is budgeted to work 20 hours per week (1,040 hours per year) is a .50 FTE position (1,040 hours divided by 2,080 hours = .50).

General County:  All employees other than those working within a bargaining unit.

Human Resources Director:  A qualified person appointed by the Board to perform those personnel functions and activities as assigned by the Board.

Insurance Cap or Cap:  The specific, per employee, dollar contribution level the County has established toward payment of employee insurance benefits.

Layoff:  A separation from the service because of shortage of funds or materials, abolishment of position, end of need, or for other reasons not reflecting discredit on an employee and for reasons outside their control.

Managerial Employees: Employees who are exempt from due process.  These employees serve solely at the pleasure of the appointing power.  They include department heads who report directly to the Board of Commissioners and assistant department heads, chief deputies, division heads and any other managerial employee whose position is identified as at will and exempt from due process.

Performance Salary Increase:  An increase from one step to a higher step within a salary range for the same class, based on a demonstrated high standard of work performance.

Rules:  The County Personnel Rules.

Work Period:  At the time of implementation of bi-weekly work periods, the two-week period beginning on Sunday and extending 14 days ending on Saturday.