Douglas County Personnel Rules

Douglas County Personnel Rule #1


1.1 Purpose of Rules. The purpose of these rules is to achieve for County employees the following objectives:

1.1.1 To establish for the County a system of personnel administration based on merit, systematic and equitable principles and appropriate methods of governing the appointment, compensation, tenure, promotion, transfer, layoff, removal and discipline of its officers and employees, and other incidents of County employment.

1.1.2 To promote and increase efficiency in the County government.

1.1.3 To establish and maintain a uniform plan of classification and pay based upon the relative duties and responsibilities of positions as compared to the appropriate labor market.

1.1.4 To develop a program of recruitment, training, advancement, and tenure that will contribute to attracting and retaining qualified persons for County service.

1.2 Adoption or Amendments of Personnel Rules.

1.2.1 The Board of Commissioners reserves the exclusive right to unilaterally amend these Rules. By accepting or continuing employment with the County, employees will be deemed to accept and consent to such amendments. Rules adopted or amended by the Board generally will become effective upon the date they are adopted or amended unless the Board specifically states otherwise. Copies of new rules and amendments will be provided to all departments of the County.

1.2.2 Interested employees may submit recommended changes to the Board through the Human Resources Director. The Human Resources Director will consult with all elected officials covered by the Rules and Department Heads on each proposed change prior to formulating a recommendation to the Board. When time allows, proposed changes will be posted for thirty days to allow all interested employees an opportunity to give input to the Human Resources Director.

1.3 Application of Rules.

1.3.1 Negotiated labor agreements: Any section, subsection, sentence, clause or phrase of these rules that is found to be inconsistent with the expressed terms of a properly negotiated and ratified collective bargaining agreement between Douglas County and a duly certified bargaining representative and any other provision contained herein the application of which would be inappropriate either because of alternate provisions contained in such a collectively bargained agreement or arising out of the County's obligation to bargain over such items, shall not apply to those employees subject to such collectively bargained agreements.

1.3.2 The plans, policies and procedures set forth in these rules do not limit the conditions of employment or reasons for dissolution of the employment relationship. The rules establish guidelines which may be changed by the Board of Commissioners from time to time as necessary for efficient management of County government. The Board of Commissioners has, by written order, delegated authority to the Human Resources Director to interpret these rules. The Board of Commissioners reserves ultimate authority to interpret these rules and to make factual determinations concerning the application of these rules. The Board of Commissioners may overrule any interpretation of these rules by the Human Resources Director. When in the administration of the rules there is doubt regarding the intent of any provision and interpretation of that provision is not within the scope of authority delegated to the Human Resources Director, the Human Resources Director shall request an interpretation of the provision by the Board of Commissioners.

1.3.3 Employees employed by Elected Officials: Rule 12 Disciplinary Actions shall not apply in the event of discharge of those employees of the County who are employed in a department of the County that is under the control of an elected official other than the County Board of Commissioners.

Pursuant to ORS 204.601 (2), such employees serve at the pleasure of the elected official. An elected official may, however, by written notification to the County Commissioners, waive his or her statutory rights as provided in ORS 207.601 (2) and thereby nullify the effect in this subsection 1.3.3 exclusion.

1.3.4 At Will, Probationary, At Will Part-Time, On-Call and Temporary Employees (as defined in Personnel Rule 2 (Definitions)): Employees classified as at-will, probationary, at will part-time, on-call, or temporary serve solely at the pleasure of the department head.  Such employees may be dismissed at the sole discretion of the department head without right to appeal.  Rules 10 (Separation in Good Standing), 11 (Grievance), and 12 (Disciplinary Actions) do not apply to these classes in the event of suspensions, demotions or layoffs.