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Douglas County
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A. Review vacancy and consider:

1. Structural or organizational changes
2. Classification changes
3. Promoting from within

4.  Recalling laid off employees

B. Contact Human Resources and provide the following information:

1. Name of person leaving the County
2. Scheduled date of departure
3. Position control number of the vacant position
4. Whether or not driving a County-owned vehicle is a requirement of the position
5. Any special screening instructions (testing, licenses, etc.)
6. Any special advertising instructions
7. Essential Functions form (can be downloaded from Intranet or contact Human Resources)


A. Contact Hiring Supervisor

1. Review Essential Functions form with hiring supervisor
2. Discuss physical demands of the position
3. Discuss recruitment announcement and advertisement (how long should the recruitment be open; is advertising appropriate, etc?)
4. Discuss selection process

B. Prepare recruitment announcement

1. Prepare and forward a draft of the recruitment announcement for hiring Supervisor’s review and approval
2. Advertise and post recruitment
3. Accept applications

C. Screen applications

1. All applications for employment must be received in the Human Resources office by the announcement closing date. Applications received by the department must be forwarded to Human Resources department for screening
2. Human Resources will screen applications to ensure minimum requirements are met as outlined in the recruitment announcement
3. Applications that meet minimum education/experience requirements will carry the initials of the HR reviewer’s name on the front page of the application, in pencil, in the bottom left corner.  For applicants requesting Veterans’ Preference and who qualify for such preference pursuant to ORS 408.225, a “V” (“Veteran”) or “DV” (“Disabled Veteran”) will be recorded below the reviewer’s initials. (Human Resources will verify the applicant is eligible for the veterans’ preference.)

Click here to see a blank eligibility form that an interested Veteran must complete if seeking veterans’ preference in hiring. VETERANS Preference Form

A transmittal memo will accompany the applications sent to the hiring department by Human Resources.  The memo will contain a notation next to those applicants who requested and are eligible for Veterans or Disabled Veterans Preference.  A space will be included on the transmittal memo for the hiring supervisor to specifically record the reason(s) why:

(a) the veteran was not selected for the next phase of the consideration process or

(b) the veteran was not verbally extended a job offer, contingent or otherwise.  Please note that reasons for a qualifying Veteran’s non-selection must be provided, in writing, to Human Resources.  At the written request of the veteran, employers are statutorily required to provide, in writing, the reason(s) the veteran was not selected for the next phase of the recruitment/selection/interview process.

4. Administer written/typing test (if required on recruitment announcement)
5. Assist with interviewing or further screening techniques (supplemental questionnaires, skills testing, etc)

Note:  Information supplied during the application process may warrant further investigation by the Human Resources Department, consistent with Douglas County Code 2.44.040 (G).


A. Screen and interview applications forwarded from the Human Resources Department (all applications will:

1. Review job-related skills/testing results

2. Determine the top ‘scoring’ or most desirable candidates from the applications forwarded by Human Resources. 
NOTE:  Consistent with ORS 408.225, Veterans’ Preference must be applied to all eligible and qualified applicants at each screen-out or elimination phase of the consideration/interview/selection process regardless of whether the hiring department uses a point-based scoring or ranking selection system or a non point-based scoring/ranking process.  There is no limit to the number of times that preference is applied to a qualified application during the job consideration process (preference is given at every screen-out point), nor is there a maximum time frame from date of military discharge in which the preference is applicable (the preference must be given to any qualified veteran regardless of when discharged).)


a)          Preference is not intended to help a candidate pass minimum requirements, only to provide greater consideration or weight for positions for which the veteran is qualified.

b)          Preference is provided to veterans and disabled veterans who request such preference and who meet the definition of “veteran” and “disabled veteran” as defined in ORS 408.225(1)(b) and 408.225(1)(d).

c)          When departments are conducting secondary application screening for the “most qualified”, preference must be applied.

 d)         The law does not require veterans to be hired, only that qualified veterans receive preference (if requested and supported by documentation) and that if, with the preference, the veteran is equal to or better than the top candidate, the veteran be appointed to the vacant position.

e) Examples : Providing Veterans Preference in Point-Based Scoring & Non Point-Based Scoring Systems

      i. Departments using a point-based scoring system to reach consideration/interview/selection decisions: If one of the top candidates is eligible for veteran points, add five (5) points for ‘veteran’ or ten (10) points for ‘disabled veteran’ to the veteran’s score. Unless using a scoring system that accumulates points from one phase to the next to reach one overall point total, preference points must be applied at the end of each phase.  Continue with the selection process taking the candidate’s additional points into scoring consideration

      ii. Departments using a non point-based scoring system to reach consideration/interview/selection decisions:  Establish and document the method(s) used to provide special consideration to veterans at each of the elimination phases of the selection process (the County must be able to demonstrate how the preference was applied and provide a documentation trail providing explanation as to how preference was identified and applied).

      iii. If there is a clear variance between the first and second rated candidates, and the second (lower) candidate is eligible for veterans’ preference, record what the variance(s) is (or the specific reason why the candidate is being rejected at this level) on the transmittal memo that is returned to Human Resources.  If using a ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’ segregation of applications, any veterans in the ‘medium’ category should be moved up to the ‘high’ category as a manner of providing preference.

3. Set up interview with applicant (HR representatives are available to participate in interview process)
4. Conduct reference checks
5. Review driving record (if required)
Apply Veterans’ Preference
At the final (job offer) phase : If one of the top two candidates is eligible for veteran points (despite non-accumulating points having been previously applied in a prior phase), add five (5) or ten (10) points to the veteran’s score, depending on the type of preference for which the veteran is eligible.  If using a non point-based scoring system, apply the preference to the veteran according to the method identified in step e) iii above.

Reminder:  While the law does not require veterans to be hired, veterans must receive preference, and if the veteran (after applying the preference) is equal to or better than the top candidate, the veteran should be appointed to the vacant position.

If the veteran is not offered the position, the reason(s) for not hiring the veteran must be recorded by the hiring supervisor on the transmittal memo that is returned to Human Resources with the applications.  Also, documentation describing the non point-based preference system and how preference was applied to veterans must be provided to Human Resources with the applications.  (As noted in C.3(b). above, at the written request of the veteran, employers are statutorily required to provide, in writing, the reason(s) the veteran was not selected for the next phase of the recruitment/selection/interview process.)

B. Make verbal or written offer of employment explaining to the applicant that the offer of employment is contingent upon successfully completing specific requirements as outlined on the recruitment announcement**

1. Background checks (cash handling and/or criminal background)

a. Forward request forms (signed by dept head) to Human Resources to conduct investigations (sample forms attached)

Cash Handling Authorization Form

LEDS Background Authorization Form

b. You will be notified if background investigation is successful, then, if pre-employment physical is required, schedule an appointment for applicant with contracted provider

2. Pre-employment physical examinations

a. The Human Resources Department will notify you if the employee passes the pre-employment physical

3. **After all the above have been successfully completed, you will be notified by Human Resources by email and/or telephone.  You may then finalize the offer of employment with the candidate and determine a start date**

4. Initiate Personnel Action Form (PAF)

C. Forward to Human Resources:

1. Completed Personnel Action Form (PAF)
2. Completed I-9 (with ID verified by County representative)
3. Completed W-4
4. Driving Record (if one was required)
5. Employee’s original application (that should have been screened by Human Resources)
6. All other employment applications, indicating who was interviewed (for record-keeping purposes)
7. Completed Record of Recruitment
8. Douglas County Password Policy (acknowledged by new employee)

D. Notify applicants who were interviewed and not selected

** Important Reminder to Hiring Departments:  No applicant who has received an employment offer contingent on successfully completing a cash handling, criminal background check or pre-employment physical is to be processed as an employee or scheduled to report to work, unless approval is given by Human Resources.  The Human Resources Department will ensure that all necessary cash handling, criminal background investigations and/or pre-employment physicals have been completed prior to the department finalizing the offer of employment with the candidate.

  To submit comments or suggestions
please email the Human Resources department.