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I am injured on the job If injured on-the-job, you should immediately report the accident to your supervisor. You can expect to be contacted by the Risk Manager, HR, who will provide required forms to complete and monitor recovery process. If the claim is accepted, you are entitled to necessary medical treatment and compensation for time lost. The amount of time loss (two-thirds of gross wages) is set by law. Employees are expected to participate in an early return-to-work program. If necessary, light duty placements can be designed until the employees can return to their regular job. The County is self-insured for workers’ compensation purposes. - Your supervisor

- Human Resources

I want to report an unsafe condition You must report all unsafe conditions to your immediate supervisor as soon as possible.   Should you report an unsafe condition and it goes un-corrected, contact your department head. - Your supervisor

- Human Resources

Can I attend the Central Safety Team (CST) meeting? All county employees are invited to attend the Central Safety Team (CST) meetings.  Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month with a workplace safety inspection being conducted on every third month. - Jack Strong / 440-4525


What types of safety training are available? Every spring (around March) the CST sponsors CPR/1st Aid for those employees who are interested in learning this life saving technique.  Other types of training available to Departments include Bloodborn Pathogens, Defensive Driving, Skid Car, Fire Extinguisher, Confined Space, Hazardous Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection and Bee Sting. - Jack Strong / 440-4525
I have a suggestion to improve safety, who do I tell If the suggestion is department specific, submit your suggestion in your monthly safety meeting or staff meeting.  If your area does not hold regular meetings, take your suggestion to your immediate supervisor.

If the suggestion is general and applies to other departments and county employees, submit your suggestion to Jack Strong.  You may call 440-4525 or e-mail or drop by and visit him in room 322 of the Courthouse.

- Jack Strong / 440-4525
  To submit comments or suggestions
please email the Human Resources department.