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Please note; insurance guidance refers to General County Employees.
If you are a member of the Public Works Barganing Unit (Teamsters) **click here**

In the event that: You need to do / know: For more information:
I get married *If there is a name change and/or address change, notify your department. They will process a personnel action form (PAF) to update your employment records.

*New dependents must be added to insurances within 60 days. (If not done w/i 60 days, they will have to wait until the following January.)

* Review your beneficiary designations and make any changes in writing.

*See Eligibility section of medical/dental booklets.

*Contact the benefits representative Don Cherry ( in Human Resources for forms

I become legally separated or divorced *Remove dependent(s) who are no longer eligible from insurance coverage within 60 days of divorce final. They will receive an offer to continue insurance (COBRA). Portability is also available. (See definition)

*Review your beneficiary designations and make any changes in writing.

*Eligibility and COBRA sections of medical/dental booklets

*See the COBRA notice

*Contact the benefits representative Don Cherry ( in Human Resources for forms

I have or adopt a baby *Add newly eligible dependents to insurance within 60 days of birth (or adoption final). (If not done w/i the timelines, not eligible to enroll until the following January) *See eligibility section of medical/dental booklets.

*Contact the benefits representative Don Cherry ( in Human Resources for forms

I have a child who reaches the dependent age limit *Remove ineligible dependents from insurance within 60 days. (If your child is handicapped or a full-time college student, you may continue to cover the child beyond age 19 thru 22 under your employee plan). Dependent may be eligible for COBRA or portability. *See eligibility section of medical/dental booklets.

*Review COBRA section of booklets for continuation of coverage.

*See the COBRA notice.

*Contact the benefits representative Don Cherry ( in Human Resources with questions.

I have a death in the family *As part of the employee benefit package, the county provides for $10,000 coverage on the employee and $2,000 on dependents. NOTE: A certified death certificate will be required.

*Check to see if you are enrolled in voluntary life coverage which may apply.

*If applicable, complete new beneficiary forms, and medical/dental change forms.

*Contact the benefits representative Don Cherry ( in Human Resources for claim forms/procedures.

*See summary of benefits on intranet

*See the life insurance certificate you received at time of hire regarding the county-provided life insurance coverage.

*Check your payroll check stub to see if you are paying premiums for any voluntary life coverage.

*See Personnel Rule 9 re available leave

*Contact your supervisor regarding needed leave time

I retire *Make a counseling appointment with PERS for retirement planning, and if applicable, your deferred comp carrier.

*Give appropriate notice to your supervisor.

*You will receive information from Human Resources regarding the insurance options available to retirees.


*See Personnel Rule 9.7.9, 17 and 19.

*Call or write PERS/they also have a site accessible through our intranet site.

*Contact any optional insurances in which you are enrolled regarding continuation/conversion options.

I leave County employment *Provide at least two-weeks notice to your supervisor/make arrangements for final check.

*You may have a number of options for your PERS account.

*You and eligible dependents will receive information regarding eligiblity for COBRA and Portability.

*See Personnel Rule 10.3

*See rule 19 regarding insurance eligility and continuation

*See medical/dental booklets regarding COBRA continuation

*If applicable, contact insurance company regarding Portability.

*Contact optional insurances in which you are enrolled regarding coversion/contination options.

*Contact PERS

I have exhausted all of my eligible paid leave and am still not able to return to work. What is the impact on my insurance eligibility? An employee will be eligible for county-paid insurance, through the end of the month during which unpaid leave is taken. COBRA is available. Employees who return from an approved leave, whether or not they have chosen to maintain coverage during the leave will have their coverage picked up and paid for at the appropriate level by the county on the first of the month following their return to work. If they return on the first, coverage will start on that day. *See Personnel rule 19

* See COBRA Notice

I change employment status (i.e., from part-time to full-time) If you are moving from a nonbenefitted to a benefitted position, you will receive an employee packet containing enrollment information regarding insurance options and waiting periods. Enrollment forms should be completed w/i the first 30 days. *See Personnel Rule 19

*Contact the Benefits representative Don Cherry ( in Human Resources

I need HELP!  Employee Assistance Service (EAS) Douglas County contracts with a third party to provide free, confidential short-term counseling for employees and those within their households. Contact the provider directly (brochures available in the lobby of Human Resources, and as part of your new-employee packet), or Human Resources staff. *See personnel rule 16
How do I change my PCP (Primary Care Provider)? You can change your PCP by either completing a form (obtained from H/R) and mailing it, or you can call ODS customer service directly at 1-877-605-3229.  Remember, the change does not take effect until the first of the following month. *See your Insurance Plan Booklet.
When can I change my Medical/Dental Plan? You may change your plan selection once per year, to be effective January 1 of each calendar year. *See your Insurance Plan Booklet.
What if I move? Notify your supervisor of your new address, so they may update your employment records.

Obtain forms from Human Resources to change records with the insurance companies and PERS.

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  ~~ Public Works Bargaining Unit employees are insured through AGC Teamsters Trust and will need to contact Earhart Company, administrators of the insurance plan, at 1-800-547-1314 ~~

  To submit comments or suggestions
please email the Human Resources department.