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Douglas County Planning Commission

Thursday, September 19, 2019

1) Approval of the August 15, 2019 Teleconference Minutes; 2) UMPQUA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP, request for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Industrial (IN) to Commercial/Industrial (CI) and Zone Change from (M-3) Heavy Industrial to (C-3) General Commercial on a 8.00 acre unit of land. The property, located on the west side of Industrial Way (County Road No. 906A), respectively northwest and northeast of its intersection with Pruner Road(County Road No. 20), within Tri-City Urban Unincorporated Area of the Myrtle Creek Urban Growth Boundary. The property is described as Tax Lot PT 200 in Section 7C, Township 30S, R6W, W.M.; Property ID Nos. PT R28074 and PT R28082. Planning Department File No. 19-015A. 3) CONTINUANCE in the matter of Kenneth & Cynthia Lawson, remand from LUBA of a request for a Plan Amendment from (AGG) Agriculture to (RR5) Rural Residential 5-Acre & Zone Change from (FG) Exclusive Farm Use-Grazing to (5R) Rural Residential - 5 Acre on a 47.00 acre property, based on a Nonresource Determination and demonstration of consistency with the Rural Residential 5 Acre Designation. The property is located at the end of Country Hill Drive and is subject to the Riparian Vegetation Corridor Overlay. Callahan Planning Advisory Committee (PAC). Planning Department File No. 17-038. 4) 4. ALI ELDESSOUKY, request for a Zone Change from (M-2) Medium Industrial to Heavy Industrial (M-3) on 6.05 acres located on the south side of Austin Road (County Road No. 207), east of its intersection with Carnes Road (County Road No. 16) and inside the Urban Unincorporated Area of Green. The property is currently designated as Industrial (IN) in the Comprehensive Plan and zoned M-2. The property is described as Tax Lot 300 in Section 11B, T28S, R6W, W.M., and Property ID No. R35185. The property is subject to the 100-year Floodplain and Right-of-Way Protection Overlays. Roseburg-Douglas Planning Advisory Committee (PAC). Planning Department File No. 19-048. 5) Business from the Audience; 6) Business from the Planning Commission; 7) Business from the Planning Department; and 8) Adjournment.

For more information, please contact the Douglas County Planning Department at (541) 440-4289.

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